The Soul carries the imprint and dynamics of mind, body, and heart with all their knowledge, genius, and potential into the promise and challenge of eternity.

The Soul is furnished with the ideas we create.  The richer the furnishings the greater our role and service to God throughout eternity.  In this life we create furnishings for our souls through our service to mankind.

We need a literature of Soul for young children—all ages to meet the needs of the Soul in all its developmental periods from the tender sensitivity of childhood to the hardness of the battered adult.

We need a chapel in which to meditate.  We’ve learned to create ideas by the thousands.  We share. What’s important are the ideas and connecting via our ideas.

The Soul does not seek status. 

The Soul does not seek power and dominance.

The Soul does seek wisdom from all who will share and in turn is willing to share.

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