Letter to Kathryn

This is a letter Dad wrote to me when I was in first grade. I just found it among his papers. It appears to be unfinished, the final sentence doesn’t have an end mark, but I expect he had said what he wanted to.

Dear Kathryn,

I just want to take this chance to tell you some things that you might like to know.

It has been a real pleasure for me to watch you grow from a tiny little baby to the big girl you are today. I was very happy on the day you were born because your mother and I had wanted you very much and were happy when God sent you into our lives. You were such a cute little darling. In those early months before you could walk or crawl, you looked at everything and touched everything you could get your hands on just as though you were a little scientist who had to know about everything.  Then as you began to crawl and walk you got into everything.  I used to pile up chairs to keep you in the dining room but you always managed to find a way to get out.

I like to remember the good times we had climbing the mountain behind our house in Vilas.  You liked for me to carry up and down on my back, but I remember when you were four you were quite a hiker yourself.  You hiked all the way up May’s Ridge and back with Larry Miller and me to get Christmas trees. Nothing could stop you except the moss and rocks you liked to collect.

Well you’re really growing up and this year you entered the first grade.  You’ve worked hard in school; you made many new friends and you’ve learned to read, spell, and do mathematics problems as good as any fourth grader.  But your mother and I are especially proud of your growing understanding of Jesus Christ and the Bible. We are very pleased when you treat your sister, Kimberly, with the love that Christ showed for all men and it is our prayer that you will continue to grow into a deeper relationship with Christ all of your life. For I am sure as you grow older you will realize that the only thing in (the) world that we can really depend upon in time of need is Christ.  Even though you have friends, such as mother, Kimberly, and me, who stand by you, we can only love you and help you as fellow children of God but Jesus Christ has the power to save you for all eternity.

Have a good time, enjoy life, and always remain a seeker of knowledge and of truth

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